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The LuK RepSet 2CT – works every time you repair a dry double clutch Schaeffler makes it easier than you think

2016-10-20 | Forestville

Clutch repair is a standard job for every independent garage but this is not so when removing and installing a dry double clutch, which can be a challenge to just about any garage professional.

Often the highly-specialized knowledge or the appropriate special tools are missing. With the LuK RepSet 2CT, Schaeffler is the only company within the independent aftermarket to offer a repair solution for this and this comes with the double clutch and every component needed for replacement, all designed to work perfectly together. It allows mechanics to replace a dry double clutch easily and professionally, while minimizing mistakes and creating cost benefits.

Since its launch for the automotive aftermarket in 2012, Schaeffler has continuously expanded the portfolio of the LuK RepSet 2CT. It currently contains repair solutions for vehicles of the following brands: Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen (1st and 2nd generation) with the 7-speed transmission (0AM); for the Renault 6-speed DC4 transmission, and for the Ford 6-speed DPS6 transmission. New applications for other models are constantly being planned as well.

Schaeffler success through innovative technology

Today the double-clutch transmission is getting more and more popular with automatic transmissions well-established, along with the continuously-variable transmission. It is however the double-clutch transmission that has steadily increased its market share during the last few years – and with no end in sight.

The reason for this is demand coming from increasing numbers of car owners demanding better driving comfort and fuel savings. Because more and more new vehicles are getting this smooth-operating transmission type, the vehicle parc for garages is ever increasing as well. “Today there are already 16 million passenger cars with dry double clutches on the road,” says Dr. Robert Felger, Senior Vice President Product and Marketing, Schaeffler in the Automotive Aftermarket. “We estimate that by the year 2020, every fifth automatic gearbox will be a double-clutch transmission. This is an annual market growth of nearly 5 percent, and represents high potential for garages and distributors.”

“With changes in the Australian vehicle parc coming as a result of higher levels of European cars coming into this market following the demise of vehicle manufacturing in Australia, the impact will be equally dramatic placing additional demands on the independent garage to up-spec skill levels,” said Dan Fouracres, Sales Manager Automotive Aftermarket – Australia and New Zealand. “This is where the Schaeffler training programs and seminars are becoming increasingly important as at these we demonstrate the proper use of special tools in hands-on programs for the garage professional combined with technical brochures, detailed repair guidelines and training videos,” he said.

More information about LuK 2ct RepSet:

Publisher: Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Australia
Country: Australia

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