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Shipping and Transport Instructions

Deliveries from Europe

Shipping and transport instructions for deliveries from Europe

Schaeffler Group: all German plants: version 2014-04

These shipping instructions are part of our “purchasing conditions” and are valid for all deliveries from Europe.

General purchasing terms
General shipping information

Delivery conditions

For deliveries "in EXW/FCA", please commission the following shipping companies according to the goods being transported. The order is to be placed via Internet using the relevant link. If you use the email form, you will receive a customer copy of your electronic order.

Registering with our logistics service providers

Deliveries must be registered via e-mail as described below:

Procedure for normal deliveries within Germany:
  • Day A Registration by 2:00 pm
  • Day B Pickup by 4:00 pm
  • Day C Delivery at Schaeffler location in Germany
Procedure for normal deliveries from Europe to Germany:

Deliveries must be registered with our service providers in good time so that the agreed delivery time can be met.

Consolidation of commissions

Whenever possible individual orders shall be shipped consolidated to Schaeffler plants unless delivery date will be exceeded.
In case different commissions will be packed into one handling-unit these different commissions have to be separated in that way that after opening of the handling-unit the different commissions can be transported further without any constraints (e.g. separate packaging of different commissions with delivery note on each separate packaging within the handling-unit)

Goods receipt contact

Goods receipt contact

Choose shipper
Delivery by parcel service: TNT-Express up to 32 kg

Choose shipper

Please select a transport mode
Please select a sending country
Please select a destination country
Abnormal Loads

Machines and Abnormal Loads

Maschines and abnormal loads have to be advised to mailaddress eight weeks before delivery:

Neccessary data:
  • Contact person
  • Purchasing order number
  • Weight and measures
  • Quantity of packages
Courier Services and Expedited Freight

Courier Services, Expedited Freight and Express Deliveries of All Types

Please always make arrangements for expedited freight in advance with the relevant Schaeffler procurement department and request a written confirmation from the relevant Schaeffler buyer.

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